About Us

     Tang Dynasty is Chinese restaurant and bar located at the south entrance of Lincoln square Mall in Urbana.  It serves more than 200 variety of traditional Chinese Cuisine. We have Peking roasted duck 北京烤鸭, Chinese hot pot, live lobster, crab, fish, beer , wine, 北京二锅头,竹叶青,青岛啤酒,house dim-sum, 北京煎饼,羊肉泡馍 and more American-Chinese taste and vegetarian choices. It is close to downtown Urbana and UIUC campus and serving Champaign-Urbana area for over 10 years.

     We offer dine-in, delivery and carry out service, as well as catering and dine-in for large parties with over 120 seats available. Just make a reservation for large parties by phone or in person.  There is free parking near the entrance for dine-in customers seven days a week. Visit our website www.urbanatangdynasty.com for online order and see more choice.

     Tang Dynasty Food Truck Express is on the campus at N. Mathews near Springfield of Urbana. The food truck express’s hour is 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM from Monday – Friday.  It serves combo meals (盒饭),羊肉烩面, 羊肉泡馍,肉夹馍,包子,懒龙,糖三角,豆奶,西瓜汁等。The food truck express will be closed during summer break. It will be re-served for the next semester on August 15, 2015.        

Any questions please call us.